Managed Inventory for OEM or Retail  Customers

VMI or Vendor Managed Inventory is a great collaborative program that tightens the material supply chain to reduces expenses. OEMs and retailers can leverage this service to minimize on hand inventory and rest assured material will be available quickly as they need it. We're just a phone call away. 


To leverage the savings of VMI each program requires well thought out requirements and planning. We will take the time to understand your needs and concerns to develop a custom program that suits your specific business needs. That can range from:

  1. Inventory control where you share expected production needs, we maintain an agreed upon  + and - percentage to allow for fluctuation in demand. This provides protection for both a measured amount of upside and downside material planning.

  2. A more full spectrum "Bread man" type approach where we make agreed upon periodic visits to review usage, provide a quote to replace what has been used, a PO is then issued for the approved order, then we deliver and stock the shelves. 

  3. We realize each customer business is different and we will customize a program based on your preferences and business needs.  

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